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Latinos triumph in music and their influence will continue to grow

Latinos triumph in the world of music and their weight will continue to grow globally, for which the sharing of knowledge with the new generations is key, said singers Pitbull and Maluma today.

Speakers today on the second day of the Billboard Latin Music Conference, which is being held since Tuesday in Las Vegas, the artists highlighted the rise of Latin music in the United States and the rest of the world, and highlighted They do not skimp on sharing their experience and knowledge with young talents.

“You can not let them tell you what to do with your career, you have to work very hard, that’s the basis of everything, but you also have to learn this: As an artist you have to invest in yourself, in your people, in your team work, “said Pitbull during his presentation.

The Cuban-born American, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, said that although he has always been independent, now he is independent in practical and legal terms, since he personally handles the distribution of his music in the Anglo-Saxon market.

“Invest in you”, emphasized the singer, with more than 17 years of career and who has founded a network of 10 schools that began in the neighborhood of Little Havana, in Miami, where he grew up, and that has already spread to other cities of the country.

“You have to train young people so they can make educated decisions,” said the musician, one of the most popular singers of the Latin scene with a mix of pop, rap, electronic and Caribbean rhythms and who has triumphed thanks to songs like ” Timber “,” Fireball “or” Time of Our Lives “.

As the representative of the new generation of Latin artists who stand out on the international scene, the Colombian Juan Luis Londoño, Maluma, 24, says he also wants to support new talent.

“The cake is very big and there is a piece for everyone, you have to share it,” he said in his speech during this conference, which is a prelude to the delivery this Thursday of the Latin Billboard awards in this city of Nevada.

Like Pitbull, the young singer highlighted the need to dedicate a lot of effort and time to excel in this world, as well as being always open to new trends.

He said in that sense that he does not identify with only one genre and that his is the “Maluma genre”, which includes reggaeton, trap, ballads, and even tropical music, sounds that will be part of his next record project and his tour FAME

“Faith, Soul, Music and Essence, that means and that’s me, what I want to transmit with my music,” he explained, alluding to what will be his third studio album.

The Colombian hopes that Latin music continues to grow and that the time comes when the public is willing to pay the same for a ticket to see an artist like Bruno Mars, or a Latino like him.

He recognizes that his contributions with artists such as Shakira and Ricky Martin have given him new spaces and opportunities to continue growing and he assures that the next step will be to sing with great singers in English like Justin Timberlake or Adam Levine.

“I always wanted to do duets with great Latin artists, and now that I’ve achieved it, I’ve achieved that dream, I want to continue forward and why not, to think about recording with those other artists that I admire,” said the Medellín.

“Latin Music Week”, as the Billboard Conference has been renamed, gathers in Las Vegas some of the main representatives of Latin music, including artists, producers, marketing and record executives, publicists and the general public.

In these two days the artists have agreed that the unity between the exponents of urban music was an example to follow and considered that it has been one of the factors behind the revolution that has driven music in Spanish.

The day began with a report by the consultancy Nielsen, which revealed that the consumption of Latin music through “streaming” platforms grew in the United States 88% in 2017.

This two-day conference will give way on Thursday to the delivery of the Latin Billboards, in a show that will feature the performances of artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Chayanne and Karol G, among others.

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