A fire has already consumed more than 700 acres in Miami-Dade County

Several firefighters continue fighting the forest fire that began Tuesday in western Miami-Dade County (southeast Florida) and that has already consumed more than 700 acres, favored by the wind and the lack of rain recorded these days, the authorities reported.

At the moment, the fire does not threaten any residential area “or structures”, but the firefighters of the aforementioned county has asked the neighbors of the affected area to “maintain a safety zone of about 30 feet around their home” clearing the area of ​​thickets and leaves.

Members of the Florida Forest Service and county firefighters are continuing this morning the task of extinguishing the fire and have advised people with respiratory problems to stay inside their homes and avoid inhaling the smoke, if they live near the area affected

It is unknown what could be the cause of the fire, which has already been contained 20%.

So far the fire has not affected the traffic, although the authorities have asked the drivers to circulate with caution in the area, due to dense smoke. efe


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