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Statistics will help mitigate violence in cities, experts say

Statistics on armed gangs and drug trafficking will be essential tools to mitigate the impact of armed violence in cities, experts predicted today gathered at the annual meeting of the American Association for Scientific Advancement in Austin (Texas).

The researchers warned that the nuclei of violence in cities are increasing, according to their statistics, so they believe that thanks to these databases the security bodies and government administrations will be able to focus their efforts on the most conflictive areas.

The associate professor of criminal justice at Temple University (Philadelphia), Elizabeth Groff, explained that these studies are based on the “triangulation” of the calls received by the health emergency services and the police.

“We observed that there are more areas of the city with notices for both reasons, that areas where only calls are made for one reason or another, and that these streets are concentrated,” said Groff.

Therefore, they insist that with these measurements it would be “simple” to carry out specialized assistance programs to alert these population groups of the problems that involve the use of weapons and the consumption of drugs.

For his part, the assistant professor of criminal justice at the State University of New York (Albany), David Hureu, confirmed the increase in violent gangs in the neighborhoods due to the “fascination” of young people to belong to these criminal networks.

Hureu argued that in the decade of the 50s or 60s, “gangs” or gangs were reduced to tiny formations, mostly made up of relatives, but in the last century tend to generate large groups even “with people who would never have personal relationship if not for that reason “.

This debate comes days after a young man will kill 17 people in a shooting in a school in Florida, in one of the worst massacres registered in a school in recent times. (efeusa)

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