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Phil Murphy swears in as governor of New Jersey and promises to fight Trump

Democrat Phil Murphy swore today as governor of New Jersey with the same bible as President John F. Kenendy did, with a hopeful message for working families and a promise to fight the “wrong” policies of President Donald’s administration Trump.

Murphy, 60, who without political experience regained the state for the Democrats, replaces the Republican Chris Christie, after eight years of an administration marked by the scandal known as “Bridgegate”, a conspiracy that took two of his assistants

The new governor reiterated the promises of his progressive tax agenda for big business, to combat climate change, to raise the minimum wage to $ 15, to fight for wage equity, to improve an economy that is still struggling to stand up. , or to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.

He also pledged to allocate more funds for primary and higher education, incentives to attract more businesses to the state and new grants for small businesses, with the goal that working families in New Jersey have more purchasing power to meet their needs.

Murphy, a former Goldman Sachs Bank executive of Irish origin, offered a message of unity under the slogan “New Jersey stronger and more just” and pledged to combat the actions of the Trump administration, which has counted among his allies with the former governor Christie

From the beginning of his message, the former president of the National Democratic Party’s Finance Committee, made it clear that the leadership that took over the reins of New Jersey today is one that will work for a state in which immigrants will want to come in search of a better future. “And that includes Haiti and countries in Africa.”

Murphy, who was ambassador in Germany during the presidency of former President Barack Obama, referred to this, without mentioning Trump, the latest controversy that splashes the president after some alleged derogatory comments made about these countries, getting strong applause and cheers as answer.

After swearing in office before state Supreme Court Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, the new governor highlighted that his cabinet reflects the diversity of New Jersey, which includes Latinas and African-Americans, a Muslim and the first Sikh in the nation as state attorney general, after which he introduced them to the public.

“America counterattacks,” Murphy said in contrast to President Trump’s motto “Let’s make America great again”, which since his arrival at the White House a year ago has been characterized by his actions against immigrants, including against countries of Muslim majority.

Murphy said he will fight “any attempt by Trump and a wrong Republican Congress” to divide families, deny access to education to “dreamers”, and defend the coasts of New Jersey against the executive order of the president that expands oil extraction or gas off the US coast

Finally, the new governor of New Jersey promised to fight any attempt to define who is or is not “a true American” or against the LGBT community.

“This is not an imperfect nation but it is a great nation,” said Murphy, who announced that the first measure she will sign as governor will be equal pay for women and said that within a few weeks she will send a budget to the Legislature. and morally responsible. ” efeusa

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