A meteor falls near Detroit (USA) and causes an intensity tremor 2

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) confirmed the fall of a meteorite on the outskirts of Detroit (Michigan) that caused a small tremor of intensity 2 on the Richter scale.

The earthquake was recorded at 20.09 local time (01.09 of Wednesday GMT).

The USGS confirmed that the origin of the earthquake was the fall of a meteorite that was “seen and heard” in the Detroit area.

The “approximate location” of the meteorite’s fall was eight kilometers west-southwest of New Haven, a town of about 4,600 outside Detroit and close to Lake St. Clair and the Canadian border.

Before the USGS confirmed the fall of the meteorite, dozens of citizens shared social networks recordings of the phenomenon in which you can see a flash of light followed by an apparent explosion.

As a result of these recordings, the National Meteorological Service (NWS, for its acronym in English) said that the “flash and rumble” did not correspond to a lightning or thunder and was already advanced that seemed to be a meteor. (efe)


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