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Trump eliminates Florida oil plan after rejection of ally governor

The Government of President Donald Trump announced today that it will not include the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, on the coasts of Florida, in its oil extraction expansion plan after the rejection of the Florida governor, Rick Scott.

US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said today after a meeting with Scott in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, that Sunshine State was “out” of the plan he had announced last Thursday.

“By eliminating Florida from consideration, we can now focus on how we can further protect our environment,” Scott said in a statement, faithful ally of President Donald Trump since his candidacy in the Republican primary.

Zinke said that under President Trump’s orders, he “rebuilt” the oil and gas program taking into account “the local and state voice” and eliminated Florida from the new oil and gas platform. ”

“I support the governor’s position that Florida is unique, and its coastline depends to a large extent on tourism as an economic engine,” he said.

Governor Scott had expressed his opposition to the draft presented by Zinke and his desire to meet him immediately by arguing that his main priority was “to ensure that Florida’s natural resources are protected.”

Governor Scott also recalled that this year he proposed 1,700 million dollars in the state budget to protect the environment.

The Trump administration disclosed last week its plans to expand the territory on which it can be explored in order to find new deposits of oil or gas, which covers most of the country’s coast.

The idea also faced the rejection of the senators by Florida, the Democrat Bill Nelson, and the Republican Marco Rubio.

“This plan is an assault on Florida’s economy, our national security, the will of the public and the environment,” Nelson said.

Rubio recalled that the state representation in the federal Congress has sought to extend until 2027 the moratorium for drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, which expires in 2022. efe

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