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Brady, impressed and happy, for the great work of Garappolo as head of the 49ers

Legendary quarterback Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots, admitted today that he was impressed and happy about the great work he has done, until now, his former teammate Jimmy Garoppolo as a starter with the San Francisco 49ers.

The 4-0 mark of the 49ers since Garappolo arrived, traded by the Patriots, is the best demonstration of the great class that possesses the reserve passer with the New England team.

“He has done a great job, he came and had the opportunity to play and win some games, which is why we are all here as professionals,” said Brady during his weekly interview with the WEEI radio station.

In addition, Brady admitted that the great work of Garappolo, last Sunday, against the Jaguars of Jacksonville helped the Patriots to get the rest in the first round of the final phase.

“It was good to see him, and also positive for them who beat Jacksonville, that definitely helped us,” said Brady. “I am very happy for Jimmy (Garappolo), he has worked very hard and there is evidence of that reality when he plays well”.

Everything indicates that Garappolo is an advanced student of everything he could see and learn when he was next to Brady, his teacher.

The 49ers’ new quarterback has had better individual performance than his former Patriots teammate in the last four weeks of competition within the National Football League (NFL).

According to Brady, the 49ers should not hesitate to give a big contract to Jimmy Garoppolo after winning four straight victories in his first four starts as a starter in San Francisco.

His contribution and winning performance in the field have made him worthy to Garappolo, 26, give him a new contract according to what he contributes in the field.

The 49ers victory against the Jaguars (44-33) helped the Patriots ensure rest in the first round of the playoffs, which is of great importance in the face of players’ rest.

Brady, referring to the personal relationship with Garappolo, added that they are still in contact with “words of encouragement” and indicated that “we will always have a great relationship of friends and professionals.”

When they questioned him how much of his success he owes to the Patriots, Brady has no doubt that he owes everything to himself who worked hard, behaved like a great professional and took advantage of the opportunities he had.

“I think all the credit should go with him, you do what you can with the opportunities you get, I think this is a positive thing for any player or person who has been involved with the Patriots system because they see how they are prepared by the coaches. Obviously there are always great expectations when we take the field, “said Brady. “He is an intelligent professional, a great person and has also reached a great organization.”

The legendary field marshal who already owns five Super Bowl titles, insisted that the winning environment within the New England team helps, but that does not mean it is everything.

“It obviously helps when you’re in a winning environment and everyone enjoys it,” Brady said. “You take everything you can and try to take it somewhere else, as I said, I think we should give credit to what they’re doing with it, nobody should take away from what they, the 49ers, have done since they came to your organization. ”

Then they asked him if he would consider being traded to the 49ers, the team from his home state (California), for Garoppolo.

Brady said he does not consider these scenarios at this stage of his professional career and therefore could not make any kind of assessment.

Although he took the opportunity to reiterate the great luck he has of being in a franchise like the Patriots, where he always works in search of excellence.

“I’m with the Patriots and I love playing in this team, where from the owner to the wonderful teammates I’ve always had, it’s been possible for my career to be positive and I’ve done very well,” said Brady, 40, who reiterated that does not have thought to speak either of withdrawal.

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