Wall Street closes with losses and the Dow Jones falls 0.59%

Wall Street closed today with heavy losses and the Industrial Dow Jones, the main indicator, fell 0.59% and ended at its lowest level in three weeks dragged by a further decline in oil.

After the end of the session, that index fell 138.19 points and ended in 23.271.28 whole, while the selective S & P 500 lost 0.55% to 2,564.62 units and the composite index of the Nasdaq market dropped 0, 47% up to 6,706.21 points.

The operators in the New York parquet bet by the sales during all the day, dragged by the energetic sector before a new fall of the petroleum and in the middle of the fatigue in the markets after the last historical records.

The barrel of Texas, of reference in the country, lowered a 0.66% and finished in New York in 55.33 dollars, while the Brent crude, of reference in Europe, lowered a 0.67% and finished in London in $ 61.82.

Investors were also watching the industrial group General Electric, which started the session with heavy losses but managed to end the day with increases and stop the downturn since Monday introduced its new restructuring plan.

In the end almost all sectors on Wall Street closed in red, such as energy (-0.92%), technology (-0.74%), raw materials (-0.63%), industrial (- 0.56%) or the financial (-0.12%), and only increased the telecommunications (0.16%).

Caterpillar (-2.51%) led losses in the Dow Jones, ahead of Home Depot (-1.54%), Visa (-1.54%), Walmart (-1.38%), Coca-Cola (-1.35%), Apple (-1.32%), Exxon Mobil (-1.25%), IBM (-1.22%) or United Technologies (-1.04%).

On the other side of the table he headed the gains General Electric (2.01%) ahead of Nike (1.16%), JPMorgan Chase (0.97%), Walt Disney (0.52%), Boeing (0, 43%), Cisco Systems (0.21%) and Goldman Sachs (0.14%).

At the close of the trading session, Texas oil fell to $ 55.26, gold fell to $ 1,278.5, ten-year public debt yield dropped to 2.324% and the dollar gained ground against the euro, which It changed to $ 1,1791.


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