Hurricane Nate intensifies in the Gulf of Mexico and heading for the US

Hurricane Nate, Category 1, was strengthened in the last hours by reaching sustained maximum winds of 85 miles per hour while it is in the center of the Gulf of Mexico and heading towards the US.

Nate, which became a hurricane last night and has killed more than 20 people as it passes through Central America, is located 245 miles (395 km) from the southern Mississippi mouth of the mouth of the Mississippi River, the National Hurricane Center ) from the USA.

The hurricane, which gained intensity as it passed through the Yucatan Peninsula, is moving at 22 mph (35 km / h) and is expected to hit earth tonight somewhere in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, who are under alert.

Nate will also cause sea level rise up to 3 feet (1 meter) above normal tide levels in the Yucatan peninsula and adjacent islands. To this cyclonic swell must be added “large and destructive waves,” warns the CHN.

The US Coast Guard reported today that it has already provided personnel and resources to proceed with the assistance needed after the cyclone in these areas.

In ports such as Mobile (Alabama) the Yankee alert has been established, which means that due to bad weather, ships of great tonnage will not be able to enter the maritime terminal, and those who are anchored must take appropriate measures.

In Louisiana, its governor, John Bel Edwards, declared a state of emergency on Thursday and deployed 3,500 National Guard personnel in the face of a possible direct impact of the cyclone, in a territory where the deployment of these events is especially predictive of the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which caused more than 1,800 deaths.


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