US vice president travels to Puerto Rico to see cyclone damage first hand

Vice President Mike Pence will visit Puerto Rico tomorrow to see firsthand the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria 16 days ago.

Pence’s visit came three days after the inauguration of US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, Oct. 3.

Pence, who will be traveling with his wife, Karen Pence, is scheduled to arrive at 2:45 pm local time to San Juan, from Santa Cruz in the US Virgin Islands, his press office said today.

Upon arrival in Santa Cruz you will be informed of the recovery efforts following the passage of Hurricane Maria in the area, 18 days ago.

After the briefing will fly over Santa Cruz and its surroundings to see first hand the damage caused and will meet those affected by the storm.

He will then travel to San Juan, where he will visit the Temporary Operations Center of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), meet with “members of the Puerto Rican community” and participate in a religious event.

Puerto Ricans, two days after Donald Trump’s visit to the island, are still indignant at the words and gestures of the president of the United States, who for many left the impression of not having understood the magnitude of the tragedy of the hurricane Maria.

Comments today in any corner of Puerto Rico reveal dissatisfaction with a 5-hour visit in which some saw a behavior that did not serve well for the president to know what the needs of a population is impaired by the lack of basic services and help in the most isolated areas.

The biggest criticism centers on the scene in which Trump threw rolls of kitchen paper to people with a style that reminded an NBA player at a food distribution center in Guayanabo, near San Juan, inhabited in his majority by middle-upper class citizens.

Hurricane Maria killed at least 34 people while passing through Puerto Rico.


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