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Trump mocks Kim Jong-un and calls him “Man Rocket”

President Donald Trump scoffed today at North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, whom he called “Rocket Man” in allusion to his nuclear tests, as well as mocking about “long lines” waiting to get fuel in after sanctions imposed by the UN.

“I spoke to President Moon (Jae-in) of South Korea last night and asked him how he’s going to Rocket Man,” the president wrote in his Twitter account.

“There are long lines to carry fuel in North Korea. What a bad thing,” he added ironically, referring to sanctions imposed by the international body following one of Pyongyang’s latest missile launches.

The sanctions imposed last week by the UN Security Council include the reduction in the share of oil that Pyongyang may import, although its real impact on the North Korean economy has not yet been confirmed.

Moon and Trump agreed on the need to “implement in depth” the sanctions measures so that North Korea sees that to continue with its attitude “will only be isolated more diplomatically and will face more economic pressure”, which will lead to “collapse “said the Seoul presidential office.

The talks between the two came after Friday’s launch of a new missile by North Korea, which again flew over Japanese territory before landing in Pacific waters.

The two agreed on “putting more practical pressure” on North Korea, including implementing the new sanctions package unanimously adopted by the UN Security Council this week in response to the country’s sixth and most powerful nuclear test, executed the 3 of September.

The two presidents agreed to continue working on the issue at the United Nations General Assembly in New York this week.

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