Mexico prepares Independence celebration shaken by earthquake

Mexico, a unique country for parties and celebrations, is already preparing its celebration of Independence, which will take place on September 16, amid a commotion in society caused by the earthquake of magnitude 8.2 that shook September 7 center and the south of the country.

The celebration of the 207th anniversary of the independence struggle initiated by the priest Miguel Hidalgo on the night of September 15, 1810, in the town of Dolores, Guanajuato, has passed into the background due to the fear of another earthquake after being aware of the affections suffered by the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, mainly, and by a feeling of helplessness that floats in the air.

In Mexico City, in addition to activating the seismic alert, the earthquake removed memories of the earthquake of September 19, 1985, when the inhabitants felt the force of nature with an earthquake of magnitude 8.1 Richter.

That phenomenon knocked down about a third of the capital’s buildings and left about 20,000 dead, according to official sources, and 45,000 according to civil organizations.

The colors green, white and red of the Mexican flag, so festive at this time, were diluted this year with the earthquake and citizens chose to leave aside the purchase of tricolor items, among them the famous flags, which have their redoubt in Historic Center stores and public markets.

“People do not want to leave, you do not see a flow of people like last year,” said Efe Choperena, a seasoned costume seller in the popular San Cosme Market.

“Year after year sales have been falling and it is not known what has caused this drop, maybe in schools and do not ask for the costumes and also that the date is a bridge (vacation), in addition to the tremor. little, let’s say, scared.”

A man carries articles alluding to the country’s festivities today, Wednesday, September 13, 2017, in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE

In these places it is common to find all types of interior and exterior decoration, as well as personal items and typical garments for the occasion, some representative of the states of Mexico.

“I have folkloric dance as a workshop in the school and they asked me for a wardrobe to use it (in a dance) so that the tradition is not lost,” said student Javier del Valle.

While Nelly Garcia, a public sector worker, said that in her office they will celebrate Independence Day on Friday and for this they will attend “dresses to celebrate the occasion”.

García believes that the environment in the capital and in Mexico “is very calm because of everything that happens in the country in general, insecurity and bad government, especially the latter.”

The government reported that because President Enrique Peña Nieto “devotes his attention to coordinating and evaluating actions to help the population affected” by the earthquake, he ordered that this year, after the traditional ceremony of El Grito, “no there will be dinner in the National Palace. ”

It will be the third consecutive year that the dinner for the national holiday is not celebrated after in the previous two the reason was to avoid expenses due to the economic situation.

But despite the bitter moment, on Friday night millions of Mexicans will unite in their homes and in public squares in Mexico and abroad, mainly the United States, to evoke the proclamation of the priest Hidalgo.

“Due to the earthquake and the downpours the people have resented it, but I think life must continue and we must surrender to our Mexico,” said Salvador Núñez, a driver dedicated to the transportation of passengers in the Mexican capital. “Despite how we go, the tradition of the Mexican is to live their country,” he added a little festive.

The “Grito” gives the president in turn at 23.00 local time on September 15 from a balcony of the National Palace to the crowd gathered in the main square of the Mexican capital, as do smaller authorities in the majority of the public squares of the country’s 2,457 municipalities.

“Long live the National Independence !, Long live the heroes who gave us Patria y Libertad !, Viva Hidalgo !, Viva Morelos !, Viva Allende !, Viva la Corregidora! Viva Aldama! Viva Guerrero! “Shouted the authorities.

“Long live!” Responds the audience as they wave three-colored flags. Then the ruler repeats several times “Long live Mexico!” The act sister for a moment to the Mexicans and closes with fireworks and ringing of bells.

It will be a different Mexican night, a bit melancholic, marked the earthquake and bad weather with hurricanes, in addition to the violence that has dragged the country for several years, problems that Mexicans will fight with the popular sentence “Bad weather, good face “.


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