Stanton regains power and homers against the Phillies

Ranger Giancarlo Stanton regained power and homered 52th in the Miami Marlins’ 10-9 win over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Stanton (52), home run leader in the majors, sent the ball to the street in the first episode, with no runners ahead.

The gardener has said that his goal is to connect 61 home runs in the regular season, so it is only nine of the mark he aims to achieve.

Dominican ranger Marcell Ozuna (32) also connected from four corners in the first episode by responding to pitcher Aaron Nola’s pitches with a runner ahead, with no outs in the inning.

The win was credited by starter Dan Straily (9-8) in five innings, taking nine hits, two homers and four runs.

The winner was Nola (10-10) in five innings, taking punishment for 10 hits, two homers and six runs.


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