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Mayweather Junior: “In the end I will always be remembered as a winner”

Akin to all the criticism he has received for the fight he waged against mixed martial arts fighter, Irishman Conor McGregor, who made his boxing debut, and who defeated KOtechnician in the tenth round, undefeated Floyd Mayweather Junior, said that in the end will always be remembered as a winner.

“I have had great bouts, some very boring, but at the end of the day I will always be remembered as a winner,” Mayweather told a news conference after concluding his fight with McGregor. “I did the boxing I needed to win and the rest did not matter.”

He admitted that he did not do his best boxing, but that was accurate, he let McGregor exhaust in the first rounds and then with his punches left him out of action when referee Robert Byrd stopped the actions to the minute and five seconds of initiates in the Tenth round.

“I did not have to wear out, although I was perfectly prepared,” said the undefeated champion, who is now 50-0 with 27 KO wins. To overcome the legendary Rocky Marciano. “I do not care what they say, a victory is always a victory, regardless of how it is achieved.”

Junior Mayweather acknowledged that he could have won the first round bout. “Nothing is perfect, just my professional brand,” the undefeated champion boasted, who also announced that the fight against McGregor had been the last of his career. “I owed the fans a good show after the fight with Manny Pacquiao.”

The Filipino fighter came out with a right shoulder injury, which was kept quiet so as not to overturn the revenue of 600 million dollars he generated, a mark that the organizers of the “circus” set up with McGregor hope to overcome.

At the moment, according to Mayweather himself, ticket sales left $ 80 million in box office revenue. To the fight in the T-Mobile Arena of 14,623 spectators, they attended among other stars of the NBA like Lebrón James, Pat Riley, Tyrone Lue, Paul Pierce and Dr.J; Mike Tyson, and actor Bruce Willis.

“We have surpassed the 72 we achieved with the fight against Pacquiao,” said the undefeated champion, who thanked Showtime for all the support he received and said he hoped that boxing could have very soon the next Mayweather junior.

Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, also said that the first numbers they had of people who had bought the fight to watch it on pay-TV were positive.

“The PPV looks great, we already have a good indication, but of course, next week we will have official numbers,” said Ellerbe, who once again rejected all the negative criticism he has received for setting up a “fake” fight Defies the sport of boxing.

Posture that Mayweather junior does not share although acknowledged that in the end in the ring did not make his boxing more stylist and wanted to finish in the most practical way.

“I was able to box it, but, as McGregor said, I decided on the Mexican style to be much more aggressive and put the punches that decided the fight,” said Mayweather junior who took a guaranteed bag of 100 million dollars, Increase to 250 if the forecasts of the 4.7 million pay-TV sales are met.

“He also gave me a lot of blows to the back of the neck and I told the referee, but I let him continue because I knew I would win him without problems, even though during the camp I suffered a slight injury, but no care,” said Mayweather junior . “He told them that he was going to win it and my plan was to let him pull, get tired and then what everyone saw and know.”

The unbeaten champion reiterated that he allowed everyone to do their job, including the referee, who was not always right.

“You saw what happened, how it hit me on the back of my neck and back,” Mayweather junior complained. “In the end I dedicated myself to do my work as each of the fights I have played and that each of them have played an important role in my career.”

As a consequence also in the way of doing business with the same ones when confirming the world of the bets of Las Vegas, that their triumph had left to them millionaire gains since they did not have to lose money.

A McGregor win would have left millionaire losers to bookmakers, who never gave him any option to win the Irish fighter, and he also fulfilled the odds.

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