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Fonsi’s image in tourism campaign Puerto Rico causes differences with Daddy Yankee

The recently announced campaign of the Puerto Rican Government to promote the island with singer Luis Fonsi and his worldwide success of “Despacito” provokes differences between the representatives of Daddy Yankee for not including it in the project.

And is that since the governor, Ricardo Rosselló, together with the Tourism Company of Puerto Rico (CTPR), announced last Tuesday that the theme will be part of the initiatives to promote the island as a tourist destination abroad has provoked reactions In the circle of the reggaetonero, among them, his lawyer, Edwin Prado.

Daddy Yankee’s team started conversations in May with e-mail with CTPR’s executive director, José Izquierdo, to include his client in a tourism promotion campaign.

However, after several talks between Prado and CTPR, the government agency did not include the artist in the campaign, so the team demanded that they not use the artist’s image in the project, although at the governor’s press conference He saw the face of the reggaetoner.

“Allá Turismo negotiated to use the song without Yankee, it is a ‘Despacito’ by Fonsi only with Erika Ender,” said Prado, referring to the Panamanian composer, who helped compose the song with Fonsi.

During the official announcement last Tuesday, Izquierdo said that Fonsi is the official ambassador of the island to the world, which will result in Puerto Rico gaining wide visibility in the concert tour of the singer, “Love & Dance World Tour.”

The agreement between Fonsi and the local government, which is believed to reach $ 700,000, includes the acquisition of rights to use the song, the right to use the artist’s image and other tangible benefits that have been negotiated with the objective To direct the consumer to consider taking a vacation in Puerto Rico.

The CTPR will also use the theme “Despacito” and the image of Fonsi in videos of 15, 30 and 60 seconds, digital advertising, publications in social networks and competitions aimed at the consumer, among others, in order to generate activity and traffic towards The website SeePuertoRico.com.

Fonsi, in addition to the videos he will record promoting the island as a tourist destination, will also be the host of various special guests to take them to know Puerto Rico, among many other projects that will develop.

Izquierdo, however, said in an interview with the newspaper “Primera Hora” that originally was considered to include both artists, “but at this stage we use Luis Fonsi and his song”, and that later include Daddy Yankee in another stage.

“They say that they are negotiating, but it is false. It is a campaign that is being invented and with Yankee it will not be.” So far there is no negotiation, refuted Prado.

Fonsi said in a statement he was very thankful and excited that CTPR had chosen “Despacito” and its “Love and Dance Tour” tour as part of its promotional campaign for Puerto Rico.

The success of “Despacito” recently reached a tie with “La Macarena” (1996) by the Spanish duo Los del Río, when it turned 14 weeks in the first position in the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Likewise, “Despacito” also remained in first place in the Hot Latin Songs, Latin Digital Song Sales and Latin Streaming Songs charts for the eighteenth consecutive week.

The record breaking theme also has the distinction of being the most played streaming song of all time.

The global reach obtained by “Despacito” gave way to several months ago to begin exploring opportunities to integrate the issue into the efforts to promote the destination outside of Puerto Rico.

The duration of the agreement with Fonsi will extend until June 2018, which allows the CTPR to activate the strategic alliance until that date.

The benefits included as part of the “Love & Dance World Tour” tour will extend the recognition of Puerto Rico as a tourist destination in the markets presented by Luis Fonsi.

The tour features at least 51 additional stops that have been confirmed in major cities in the United States, Europe, Central and South America.

Puerto Rico will have an exhibition of high prominence in all the shows of the artist, which include presence in press conferences and video of promotion of Puerto Rico in screens before the concert.

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