Puig sets double the Dodgers’ win

Cuban guard Yasiel Puig doubled to center field and the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Chicago White Sox 5-4.

In the ninth, Puig doubled to center field and drove in two runs, including one that sealed the Los Angeles Novena victory.

Puerto Rican ranger Enrique Hernandez (11) hit a four-cornered shot against opener Carlos Rodon, with no teammates on the way, with no outs in the episode.

The victory went to closer Ross Stripling (2-4) in one episode, striking out a batter.

For the White Sox, Ranger Nicky Delmonico (3) hit a pair of home runs in the fourth and repeated the eighth inning, both solitary.

Dominican ranger Leury Garcia (8) also made the first run in the first episode, with no runners ahead, against opener Yu Darvish’s pitches, with no outs in the inning.

The Dodgers’ Yu Darvish hits the White Sox in the MLB game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. EFE

Abreu (22) also sent the ball off the field in the sixth, with no runners ahead, against Darvish’s serpentine.

The loss fell to closer Jake Petricka (1-1) by missing out, but allowed three hits and two runs.


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