The Government of Mexico recommends not to travel to Venezuela because of the “complex”

The Foreign Ministry (SRE) of Mexico today recommended avoiding trips to Venezuela, a country that “is going through a complex internal situation from the political, economic and social point of view.”

In a notice posted on its website, the SRE said that such a situation “could represent inconveniences for Mexican citizens who are or are planning to visit the country” in South America.

“The level of insecurity is high, particularly in large cities. There is still a lack of food and medicines,” he said.

For those who are already or have to travel to Venezuela, the agency recommended “take into account that you may face traffic problems and even violence.”

He highlighted the call for various groups to carry out demonstrations on the streets of all of Venezuela starting today and during the next few days, the government’s ban on public meetings and demonstrations throughout Venezuelan territory until August 1, and the vote convened by The Government for Sunday, July 30.

In view of these factors, he called for “avoiding areas where there were demonstrations or presence of groups of citizens that could jeopardize their safety or physical integrity.”

“If for some reason you happen to be located at a demonstration site, we recommend that you stay calm, move away from the protesters and avoid approaching unidentified groups. Under no circumstances engage with protesters or try to break through barricades,” he said. I note.

On July 30, Venezuelans are called to the polls to elect the more than 500 members of a National Constituent Assembly that will draft a new constitution and that will have powers to reorder the state without anyone being able to oppose it.

The Venezuelan opposition, which has refused to participate in the consultation, has promoted for this week a series of activities that will seek to curb it.

Venezuela has witnessed a wave of protests since April, some of which have become violent and have resulted in 109 deaths and more than 1,000 detainees.


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