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Trump says Apple has promised to build three plants in the United States

President Donald Trump said in an interview published today by The Wall Street Journal that Apple CEO Tim Cook has promised to build “three large plants” in the United States.

While talking about business investments and tax reform for companies, Trump said he told Cook that if he did not build factories in the country, he would not consider his administration to be “an economic success.”

“He called me and said that they would go ahead (with the construction),” added the president.
Apple has not confirmed that, and although the president did not specify where or when these plans will be made, he said: “He has promised me three big plants: big, big, big.”

During his campaign, Trump criticized the company for outsourcing the manufacture of some of its products to China and asked it to build its “best and largest” plant in the United States.

Last May, Apple announced a $ 200 million investment in its supplying company Corning as part of a $ 1 billion fund to “lay the foundation of a new era in manufacturing technology-based manufacturing in the United States” .

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