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Becky G stops being a girl in “Mayores”, her protest against the machismo

Faced with the controversy over her song and video “Mayores”, Mexican-American singer Becky G says she chose the controversial genre of the Latin trap as a war cry against the sexists and those who want to pigeonhole her as a teenage artist.

“I was part of the whole creative process,” said the 20-year-old girl named Rebecca Marie Gomez. “I wanted people to think a little more and that people would see me differently.”

The song “Majors” tells the first-person story of a young woman who says she prefers older men, because they are gentlemen, but also includes a lot of sexual double entender, which has caused many eyebrows rise among the parents of the fans By Becky G.

It was revealed to be a well thought out decision with a specific goal.
“I am already a little woman and wanted people to see me grow,” said the artist after clarifying that she has worked in music since she was nine years old and that for her it was important to stop being considered an artist for adolescents.

From there, the selection of 23-year-old Puerto Rican urban artist Benito Antonio Martínez, better known as Bad Bunny, who has concentrated on the Latin Trap genre, the Spanish version of the sub-movement of rap and characterized by aggressive sounds and lyrics Sexually explicit.

But it is a further step in its efforts to promote equality between the sexes.

“It’s a mix of our styles,” explained Becky G. “You have Bad Bunny, which is super underground, and you have me as super pop, but I’m from Inglewood, California, I’m from the neighborhood and I have That urban side of mine that I wanted to draw. ”

In its first week on the Billboard Billboard, “Majors” placed fifth in the top-selling Spanish songs, while the video has reached nearly 30 million views since July 13 and is among the most popular in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Spain, Peru, Colombia and Slovakia.

It is also among the 30 most viewed in Brazil, Canada, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Switzerland.

Becky G. is particularly proud of the audiovisual production, in which she shares the starring role with the choreographer Beau “Casper” Smart, whom she met as Jennifer Lopez’s partner in 2013, when she made with the artist the video of the song “Becky From the Block “, a tribute to the song” Jenny from the Block “.

And of course, if you make a video with Bad Bunny, you have to be a bad girl, “said laughing Becky G., who also acted in the recent film of Hollywood “Saban’s Power Rangers”.

However, for her the most important thing is to continue expelling the machismo of the world in general and in particular of the industry of the urban music, “that is dominated by the men”, it indicated.

“There is a movement in favor of women in the world (of music), not just for Latina girls,” he said. “As a young woman, as a woman she wanted to teach what is happening to us. To teach that women can be sexy, that we can take power and control.”

In addition, it assures that those who have been scandalized are machistas. “There are many songs in which men talk about wanting a woman who knows how to be a lady and is crazy between the sheets and nobody says anything,” he said. “Why can not we say the same thing if we want to.”

The video teaches how a young bartender (Becky G.) seduces a rich older man (Smart), takes her to his mansion and leaves him tied to bed with handcuffs, while stealing and escaping with his partner ( Bad Bunny).

Dressed in revealing attire and with a dominatrix air, Becky G. shows in the video a facet that has clashed with her previous image.

“My grandparents, my parents loved to see him (the video),” he said. “They know it’s my job.” The same, she says, thinks her boyfriend, Argentine-American football player Sebastian Lletget of the LA Galaxy team.

Although she says that it is not her job to protect the children who admire her, a role that her parents must fulfill, she still thinks about them. For this reason decided to accept the proposal to star in the animated film

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