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Gloria Trevi says that, together, Alejandra Guzmán and she are “very powerful”

Separately Mexican singers Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzmán are “very strong”, but together, as in the recently released joint album “Versus,” which came last week to the top of Billboard’s Top Latin Albums list, are “very powerful “Says the first in an interview with Efe.

“Separately we have been very strong, but together we are proving that we are very powerful,” Trevi said.

Although “Versus” dropped to number 34 this week, having been number one for a week has set a milestone.

The former rivals are the first female duo in the history of Billboard’s Latin album chart to reach the top, something that for Trevi, who had previously held that position four times, “opens the way” to other female artists .

Trevi and Guzman, both 49, were longtime rivals, but they surprised everyone by joining first for a tour, which began in June in Los Angeles, and then on this album that went on the market in late That same month.

The performer of hits such as “Pelo suelto” or “Vestida de azúcar” stated that recording an album together has been “great”, because in addition the voices of her and Guzman complement each other.

“(Our voices) are similar because we have an energy and a ronquito there that sounds similar, but on the other hand each one has its super defined style and that is super nice, that is why we get the same songs,” he said.

After all, as they say in one of the themes, “Rivals”, “why be rivals if almost” are “equal.”

In the elepé there are four original songs and four classics: one song from each one sung by the other and two versions.

One of them is an adaptation to Spanish of “Satisfaction”, “Satisfied”, with which the performers dared because the two “love” the Rolling Stones.

“I love that song, she sings it more rock and I more sexually,” Trevi said.

Each one recorded a version of the song without agreeing before making the final decision, according to Trevi.

But “Satisfied” goes beyond being a version of the Stones. The duo formed by Trevi, born in Monterrey, but raised in the state of Tamaulipas, and Guzman, from Mexico City, gave a sense of feminist demand.

“We talk about the liberation of women, who do want more, but you do not have to keep quiet,” he said.

Feminism is also present in the lyrics of the first single from “Versus”, “When a man loves you”, a song for the dance floor in which both are quoted with the same man without knowing it and when they discover it, they abandon it And promise that none will forgive him.

The names Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzman joined in a cartel have already filled venues, including three times the Arena Ciudad de México, with more 50,000 tickets sold.

In addition to the eleven concerts they have already given with “no tickets” in the United States, back to their country in Monterrey, they have already exhausted already the tickets for their planned concert and had to add two more dates.

Trevi said that under the spotlight, the most “difficult” for her is to “respect the space” of Guzman when she sings, because she was accustomed to the total protagonism in his career.

“I was very accustomed to the fact that my stage was my stage,” said the Mexican pop star, who at the same time said that with Guzman he learned that the “respect” between them is a small “metaphor” of what ” Happen in the world at a time when they talk about building walls. ”

The “Versus World Tour” will resume on August 12 at Madison Square Garden in New York, after a holiday that Trevi has taken to travel to Greece, where he finds, and where he checks every day the power of Latin music in The world with the success of “Despacito”, by Luis Fonsi.

For her, that symbolizes that although in some parts they do not want to “open doors easily” to Latinos, “there is a good part of humanity that does.”

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