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SeaWorld offers visitors more “natural” encounter with killer whales

The SeaWorld theme park company today announced the creation of a new experience for its visitors by providing them with the possibility of a close encounter with killer whales still living in their tanks in Orlando, Florida.

SeaWorld had previously announced that it would not release cetaceans because, in their view, they can no longer adapt to wildlife and also to create more “natural” experiences with these animals.

The “Killer Whale Upclose Tour”, the 45-minute tour described as more “natural” and “never before offered”, includes teachings on the care, life and personality of killer whales, as well as an approach to these cetaceans Along with their coaches.

During the tour, which will be available every day of the week, coaches will share stories and information about killer whales, as well as “how they take part in voluntary mating sessions,” SeaWorld said in a statement today. .

This new attraction of the visitors’ encounter with the killer whales comes at a time when the company knows a decrease in its profits that fell from 220.2 million dollars during the first quarter of 2016 to about 186.4 million during the same period of This year, according to the financial report last May.

Photo courtesy of some people listening to a coach’s explanation of orca at SeaWorld Orlando, Florida. EFE / SeaWorld /

In 2016, SeaWorld announced that it would end up raising killer whales in both its San Diego (California) and Orlando (Florida) parks, following the premiere of the documentary “Blackfish” dedicated to the Tilikum killer whale. Relates to the death of three people.

Tilikum killed one of his trainers in 2010, adding to two others in which the animal was related before arriving at the SeaWorld Orlando park 23 years ago.

Then in March of that same year, the theme park company announced that it canceled its show program with killer whales to focus on a commitment to “education, marine science research and rescue of these marine animals.”

However, he said that SeaWorld’s orcas will remain at the US facility, with parks in Orlando, San Antonio, San Diego, and San Diego, California, where they will star in “new and inspiring encounters” with the visitors.

Now, this tour with killer whales, which in addition to “inspire and educate visitors about the care and protection of marine animals,” will give visitors the opportunity to share closely with these marine animals.

The activity event starts from this month of July during every day of the week in Orlando park with an initial cost of $ 79 entry.

Photo courtesy of some people listening to a coach’s explanation of orca at SeaWorld Orlando, Florida. EFE / SeaWorld /

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