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Gordon Hayward prefers Celtics and leaves Jazz with Ricky Rubio

The most interesting player remaining in the free agent market, forward Gordon Hayward, made the decision that most expected, go with the offer offered by the Boston Celtics and leave the Utah Jazz, which Formed, and even got the Spanish base Ricky Rubio.

As is always the case, when the professionals are in the process of signing a new contract, there is no sentimentality, just as the owners of the teams do when they defend their interests.

But aside from the decisions that players can make, what counts is the reality they leave behind with them, and in the case of the Jazz, it is a bit of a shambles because they will have to start again another new process of reconstruction, Since in less than 48 hours they lost two key players.

First they were without George Hill, who signed with the Kings of Sacramento, and then without Hayward, who along with French pivot Rudy Gobert were the pillars of the future plus the arrival of Rubio, who will be the starter before Hill’s march.

Precisely that reality is the one that was consummated when Hayward announced that he was going with the Celtics, put an end to the decisions of the most attractive players of free agency this summer.

The most relevant changes have already been completed, although of course there are still players of interest who will have to negotiate their future with new agreements.

While the Jazz need to decide what direction to take after losing their top scorer and the Cleveland Cavaliers evaluate whether they require another change to counter the Boston reinforcement that has already outperformed them in the regular season.

Star forward chose Boston’s offer on the Heat and Jazz to join college coach Brad Stevens in Boston as well as being the team with more options to fight for the title in the Eastern Conference with the Cavaliers .

Hayward’s four-year, close-to-$ 128 million contract ended the West Conference team’s streak of strengthening during the summer at the expense of a weaker East after midfielder Paul George (Indiana) and Jimmy Butler (Chicago) were traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Minnesota Timberwolves, respectively.

Another team in the Eastern Conference affected by Hayward’s decision were the Heat, who were left without a star to help them strengthen their rebuilding process after they finally ended their working relationship with center Chris Bosh.

Before this scenario there is no longer any other player that will alter an available franchise as the NBA heads towards the end of the moratorium on Thursday.

It will allow stars such as forward Kevin Durant, base Stephen Curry – both to continue with the Golden State Warriors – power forward Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers) and base Kyle Lowry (Toronto) can sign the Agreements agreed with their teams.

Durant, the MVP of the last NBA Finals, will not be the highest-paid player after receiving $ 53 million for two seasons, but will remain with the Warriors and in the future will have more millions assured than he could receive at this time.

While Hill went with the Kings for three years and $ 57 million, where he will have as new teammate to power forward Zach Randolph who opted to leave the Memphis Grizzlies and meet with his exentrenador Dave Joerger, in exchange for receiving 24 million Of dollars for two seasons.

Another player who came to the Western Conference from the East was power forward Patrick Patterson who agreed to a three-year contract and $ 16.4 million with the Thunder.

His mission will be to fill some vacant positions with the departures of the Lithuanian center Domantas Sabonis, who was included in the transfer that was sent to the Indiana Pacers by the arrival of George, or Taj Gibson, who also left for Go with the Timberwolves.

Certain that there are still some players of interest in the free agent market, but without them, as are the case of base Derrick Rose and power forward Rudy Gay, are in the category of making a big difference within a Team, especially because they will come out of each knee injury.

Base Rajon Rondo is also available for teams looking for a game director, and the free agents with restricted restrictions are the escorts Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Andre Roberson, who have their strong in the defensive game.

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