Hispanics reduce the gap in Internet use

Hispanics are still lagging behind the use of the Internet, although less and less, according to a report released today, which also notes that, although many speak mostly English, prefer content in Spanish.

A report by eMarketer, called “US Hispanics and Digital Usage: How They Differ from Non-Hispanics and One Another,” estimates that 79.8% of Hispanics will use this year’s internet at least once a month, Compared with 83.7% of the total US population.

Hispanics use the internet for an average of 4 hours and 26 minutes a week, while the general population accesses the network for about 5 hours and 32 minutes on average, according to Nielsen data cited in the report.

Latinos spend about 19 hours and 45 minutes in their applications or on the net through their cell phone, compared to 17 hours and 49 minutes among the total population.

By 2016, 23% of Hispanics had access to the Internet at home only through cell phones, compared to 9% among Anglo-Saxons.

The Hispanic community has a greater penetration in social networks, except Facebook, whereas others like WhatsApp has a much greater presence, even among third generation Latinos.

The report also found that Hispanics, including third-generation Hispanics, are searching the Internet for content that is culturally adapted to them or in Spanish.

According to the report, a Latinum Network survey for Facebook IQ, conducted in July 2016 among Hispanics aged 18-55, found that 62% of bilingual Hispanics indicated that they read at least half of the content on the web In Spanish and 69% see at least half of the videos in Spanish.

The research found that the interest of this community for the content in Spanish is not limited to language, but also appeals to be culturally relevant information for them.

The report cites a 2016 survey conducted by Yahoo in conjunction with Ipsos that found that the majority (54%) of third-generation Hispanics “actively enjoy or search for ‘made-to-measure’ online content for Hispanics and Latinos.”


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