The title reflects the great team and organization that comes, says Durant

The forward Kevin Durant had to wait 10 years and make a decision that caused him great enmity to be able to get his first NBA title won tonight with the Golden State Warriors, team he defined as “model”, which He deserved the triumph.

“It’s an exceptional group of players, a great community, field and fans,” said Durant after finishing the game where he was the top scorer with 39 points, seven rebounds and five assists in the fifth game of the Finals. The Warriors won the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120. “Now is the time for the well-deserved celebration.”

Durant, who played his first season with the Warriors after quitting the Oklahoma City Thunder to become a free agent, was once again the decisive man in the Warriors’ attack by scoring 14 of 20 field shots, including 5 of 8 3-pointers , And it was perfect 6-6 from the line staff.

The title was what Durant looked for with his departure from the Thunder and from the beginning knew that he had come to the perfect organization.

“I always knew I was not wrong with the decision I made, but mostly because I came to a unique environment to play basketball,” Durant reiterated. “Now I have double reason for satisfaction because I could also contribute to another league title.”

The great offensive work throughout the series also earned him the Most Valuable Player MVP award after averaging 35 points in all five games.

The Warriors finished the series 4-1 and 16-1 in all playoffs, something neither team had achieved so far nor the 15-0 streak of undefeated until the fourth game.

“I have had all the support of the teammates and the great team game that we have done,” said Durant. “That’s why the triumph has been everyone’s to complete a great season.”

Durant reiterated that it was time to enjoy together with all the great fans and model community in many aspects that had made him feel very happy.

“To give the Warriors a title is something that compensates me not only as a professional but also as a person,” Durant said.

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