Governor of Puerto Rico affirms vote for statehood is message for the world

Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rossello, said today that the triumph of statehood in the plebiscite over the island’s status is a call to “end the colonial relationship with the United States,” and it is a “clear and strong message “For the world and Congress in Washington.

In a message addressed to the nation, Rosselló said that with more than 97 percent in favor of that option, Puerto Ricans can now demand equal rights as US citizens.

The result of the plebiscite, non-binding, is according to Rosselló a ratification of those achieved in November 2012 and “exceeds the percentage of votes.”

“Today Puerto Ricans are sending a strong and clear message to the world, claiming equal rights as American citizens. We now have to bring those results to Washington with the force that represents the fulfillment of a democratic exercise,” he said.


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