Pujols reaches 1,860 riders and Angels beat Tigers

Designated pitcher Albert Pujols hit a sacrifice fly that crowned a four-run bout that the Los Angeles Angels scored in the high part of the game’s fifth game that they beat the Detroit Tigers 11-4.

The Angels’ record broke the tie on the board and opened the way to victory, while Pujols, who went 4-1, placed with 1,860 races as a professional.

The Angels also scored another six-run bout in the seventh inning that assured them the win and won the three-game series.

Juan Carlos Ramirez (6-4) allowed four runs, allowing the Tigers to take a 4-1 lead early in the game.

Ramirez also took 10 hits during his work of five innings, but in the end he was left with the victory.

While Michael Fulmer (6-4) took the loss after allowing five runs and nine hits in four innings and a third.

Reliever Arcenio Leon and teammate Daniel Stumpf combined to allow six runs, which increased the Angels’ lead.

Second-seeded Spaniard Danny Espinosa had three hits and three runs, while Andelton Simmons had three undisputed and two Angels. C.J. Cron towed a couple of runs.

Third-baseman Nick Castellanos hit three uncontested, including a solo homer in the second, and drove in two runs for the Tigers.

Along with Castellanos, the Tigres’ Latino batting had the support of the Venezuelans Miguel Cabrera who went 3-1 with a rush and Victor Martinez 5-1 with an annotated.


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