Mexican companies face challenge of data analysis to reinforce their brand

Mexican companies face the challenge of accurately analyzing the multitude of data from their consumers and customers to reinforce their brand image and position themselves in the market, according to a forum organized by consulting firm Llorente & Cuenca.

The I Forum of Brand Communication Trends, held in Mexico City, was attended by businessmen and communications specialists from major companies such as 3M, American Express or Coca Cola, sponsored by Grupo Expansión, Panamericana University and the organization of Llorente & Basin.

In the first panel on “Big Data”, Óscar Kaufmann, postgraduate academic of Communication of the Pan American University, emphasized that “companies must reinvent themselves to change their DNA, creating multidisciplinary teams that include not only professionals of the communication but mathematicians and analysts Of big data “.

José Luis Vieyra, manager of DataScience of Grupo Expansión, said that “today communication is handled by data, so it is essential to know how to collect them and especially to interpret them.”

Gabriel Richaud, general director of the association of marketing companies IAB Mexico, said that “Mexico has a critical mass of users in Spanish very relevant worldwide and we have not taken advantage of it, the time has come to do it.”

In the panel of “Territories of Conversation and Communities”, Guillermo Rivero, director general of the media company Vice Mexico, stated that there is a tendency “to tell the stories we want to tell, not the ones people want to hear.”

“Therefore, we have to change the mentality in the media to inform the interests of users, not ours. We have to learn to tell stories in a different way,” he added.

For her part, Lizette Zavala, director of corporate affairs and communication at American Express in Mexico, stressed that to expand the clientele, you have to “listen to your voice”.

Adriana Rius, regional manager of Communication of 3M Mexico, affirmed that since the company is a multinational company with a global presence and a diversity of products, one of the primary tasks of those responsible for communication in this context is “to achieve the consistency of the message”.

Rogelio Blanco, general director of Llorente & Cuenca in Mexico, closed the forum highlighting that “companies and the media are today driven by the data”.
According to Blanco, “it is essential to have a multidisciplinary team to put in action so much data”.

“We must always be exploring how to reach new communities, and the power of this information must always be accompanied by hyper-transparency and accountability,” he concluded.


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