Seven cases of canine influenza in Florida confirmed “very contagious”

Florida authorities today confirmed seven cases of dogs infected in the state by the highly contagious H3N2 strain of canine influenza and six others pending confirmation.

“All dogs were treated and found to be in stable condition … and there is no evidence that this virus has infected people,” the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said in a statement.

The confirmation of the seven cases of canine influenza was carried out in the laboratories of the University of Florida (UF).

This is the first time that the presence of this virus of canine influenza has been confirmed in Florida, although from 2015 it was investigated.

“This virus is very contagious, but fortunately, the mortality rate is low,” said the researchers, who warned dog owners of the importance of vaccinating their pets against the flu.

Symptoms of infection include cough, nasal congestion, and fever, although not all dogs with the disease necessarily present them.

If complicated, this strain of canine influenza can cause pneumonia or even death of the animal.

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