Tiger Woods tested negative on two BAC tests

Breath tests that were done to the American golfer Tiger Woods after he was found asleep at the wheel on a highway in South Florida, were negative, reported Local TV channel 10 of Miami.

The two BAC tests seem to support Woods’ assertion that he had been told that the police did not stop him because he was driving drunk, but because he had fallen asleep behind the wheel after “an unexpected reaction” when taking medications prescribed by a doctor .

The 41-year-old golfer was arrested around 3 am local time (7.00 GMT Monday) in Jupiter, southeast Florida, for driving allegedly under the influence of toxic substances, alcohol and marijuana ( IUD).

Woods was released a few hours later without bail, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, north of Miami.

The former world number one was found asleep at the wheel of his car in the middle of the road before his arrest for allegedly drunk driving, but two blood tests that he practiced “in situ” were negative, local media gathered today.

In a statement, Woods apologized for his actions and said that alcohol had nothing to do with what happened. “What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescription drugs. I did not realize the drug mix had affected me so strongly,” Woods said.

Woods, the longest-kept golfer in world number one, has not been outstanding since his last victory in August 2013 and has undergone back surgery from one week before the 2014 Masters to his most recent Operation a month ago.

Woods’ legal problems began in 2009 when in the early morning hours after Thanksgiving he crashed his van into a tree and a fire hydrant outside his home in Windermere, Florida.

The incident led to the discovery that Woods had extramarital affairs and was addicted to sex, which ultimately cost him the divorce of his wife, former Swedish-born Elin Nordegren.

Both have stated that they have an excellent relationship in terms of all the support they want to give their two children, a girl named Sam and a boy named Charlie.

Woods said that one of the greatest joys he had also after the success of the last operation is that in the end he could lead a normal and full life with his children.


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