Central America, USA And Mexico will meet in Miami to talk about Plan Alianza

Representatives from the Northern Triangle countries of Central America, the United States and Mexico will meet next June to try to improve security in the region and address the Alliance for Prosperity Plan, an official source in Tegucigalpa reported today.

The meeting will be held on June 15 and 16 in Miami (Florida, USA), Honduran Foreign Minister María Dolores Agüero said Monday in a press conference.

Agüero explained that the meeting will focus on addressing the Northern Triangle of Central America Prosperity Alliance Plan, implemented since 2014 by Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, backed by US funds, and seeks to discourage the migration of Central American countries to the north of the continent.

“In this space, the issue of security will be mainly addressed, one of the determining factors for the conception of the (regional) plan, and the theme of generating opportunities and development in the region,” he said.

The head of Honduran diplomacy said that during the meeting will be held business rounds involving entrepreneurs from the Central American region, the United States and Mexico.

He emphasized that the friendly countries, to which he did not identify, consider that the development of opportunities in Central America, especially the Northern Triangle, passes through the Alliance Plan.

“We will continue to work together with our partners, our friendly countries of the region and with the United States, to implement this plan that is well structured and designed to address the structural causes of migration in our region,” said the high official.

In 2016 the United States approved $ 750 million for the Alliance for Prosperity Plan, which has four strategic lines: boosting the productive sector, developing human capital, improving citizen security and access to justice, and strengthening institutions.

Agüero said that Mexico, as an observer country in the Central American Integration System (SICA), has reaffirmed the commitment to seek “spaces to boost trade” between the region and the Aztec country to create “new opportunities” and attract investment.

“In the Mesoamerican sphere, it has been emphasized in the importance of continuing to address the issue of regional security from the entire Mesoamerican sphere to take measures from Colombia to Mexico,” said the Honduran Foreign Minister.

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