Shakira surprises its fans in Miami

Colombian singer Shakira gave a free mini concert tonight to the night-time performers who were waiting for her at a bar in Wynwood, Miami, where she sang two songs from her new album.

The Miami Herald newspaper today released a video taken by a mobile phone by one of the 40-year-old’s performers at Wynwood Yard, a busy outdoor bar on weekends.

Shakira performed at one o’clock local time (05.00 GMT), accompanied by an ex-pianist from Barcelona who she identified as “Laura”.

Shakira, who on Thursday had featured songs from her new album, “El Dorado,” in a well-known Miami bar, announced to its 45 million Twitter followers that Friday night was going to give a surprise to Wynwood Yard And that they were attentive.

The notice ran like gunpowder on social networks and when the singer appeared, the place was packed, according to The Miami Herald.

There were about 1,200 people, according to Robyn Baltuch, director of events at The Wynwood Yard.

“El dorado”, the first album by the Colombian artist in three years, has been placed in number one in 34 countries, in a few hours and on the day of its launch, according to its Twitter account.

“Number 1 in 34 countries with El Dorado !!! How can I thank you for all that you give me? Shak,” the singer wrote in the social network.

It is the eleventh studio album of his career and in it the artist appears on the cover emerging from a kind of rejuvenating dairy bath.

“El Dorado is the inspiration, I was able to find her again when I thought she had escaped, when I thought that making songs again was an almost impossible task,” said the Colombian this week. To Efe in an interview.

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