Ferry between P.Rico and Dominicana resumes services on June 1 after event

The president of Ferries del Caribe, Nestor Gonzalez, announced today that the new boat that makes the journey between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, will resume service next June from Santo Domingo after the damage suffered two weeks ago .

Last May 18, the ferry boat of the company Ferries del Caribe, which covers the route between the two capitals, crashed into a wall of the Don Diego pier at the Port of Sansoucí in the Dominican capital during the mooring maneuver. Injured.

As a result of the collision, the wall of the pier that runs parallel to Caamaño Deñó Avenue was damaged, hindering the transit of vehicles in the Avenida del Puerto direction west-east.

On June 1, the ship will sail from Don Diego Terminal in Santo Domingo at 19:00 local time and will dock on Friday, June 2 at 08:00 am in the Pan American Port of the Convention District in San Juan de Puerto Rico, After brigades of Greek structural naval engineers and welders’ brigades repaired the damaged ramp in the event.

At a cost of $ 250,000, experts along with their brigades have worked shifts from eight in the morning to 00:00 hours since arriving in Santo Domingo to repair the damages, the company said in a statement today.

The new FDC boat has three ramps to transport cars and cargo.

The two ramps that did not suffer any type of failure will be used in the daily operation for the next four months.

The damaged ramp is being closed until its replacement by a new one whose construction and installation will cost a million dollars.

The holder of Ferries del Caribe thanked the passengers for the support provided in the two weeks that the service was interrupted.

“We are very pleased with the confidence of the public who have continued to make their reservations for travel in June, July and August. We have received a marked increase in the number of reservations for new customers who want to experience the packages with transportation and Stay included in hotels “of several Dominican cities, he said.

The service resumes its trips Monday, Wednesday and Friday departing from Puerto Rico and Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from the Dominican Republic at 19:00 hours and docking at each destination at eight in the morning.


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