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Latin woman has conditions to excel in business world, expert

Author and financial expert Julie Stav said today that Latina women have conditions and possibilities that allow them to stand out in the business world or to realize their dreams of their own business.

Speaking to Efe, the expert stressed that one of the main advantages of Latina women is their ability to find out and learn how to do things right.

“We are not afraid to say ‘I do not know’ and that makes us very good at business, because we like to know,” said the author of the book series “Your Money with Julie Stav.”

She called on the Hispanic woman not to be overwhelmed by her responsibilities at home or at work and to look for space to start her business projects.

“We have to give us our place to put into practice the ideas and dreams we have, make us our space and respect and support us,” said the expert.

Stav is a keynote speaker at a meeting for Hispanic entrepreneurs taking place today in Los Angeles, California, and expecting an attendance of about 3,000 people.

According to “Possible L.A.” organizers, Hispanics in the United States own 3.3 million businesses, which contribute $ 500 billion to the US economy.

The event was attended by entrepreneurs, businessmen and people looking to put into practice a business idea, for which they will have the advice of several specialists who will help to delimit the objective and mission of the project.

“I always say that the most important thing in a business is the establishment, in 25 words or less, of the mission of your business, you must be able to tell anyone at any time what the mission of your business is,” Stav said. .

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