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Ros-Lehtinen is asked to help stranded Cubans in third countries

A group of about 15 people came to the office of Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in Miami today to remind her of her commitment to Cubans who were stranded in Mexico, Panama and other countries after the end of the policy of “dry feet, feet Wet”.

Demonstrators summoned by the exile organization Vigilia Mambisa demonstrated in front of the office and then, within the building, filed their complaints and were attended by personnel of the congresswoman, who was not there.

Vigilia Mambisa, one of the most radical groups in Miami’s exile, intended to hand over to Ros-Lehtinen, of Cuban origin, lists of citizens of the Caribbean island that are stranded in Laredo, Mexico, and elsewhere, and ask him to do something for them.

In recent statements published by the Miami-based Las Américas newspaper, the congresswoman said that she can not be accused of not giving “sufficient attention to the freedom of the Cuban people or ignoring the interests of stranded Cubans in third countries.”

Miguel Saavedra (r), president of the Cuban exile organization Vigilia Mambisa, meets with staff of Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen on Thursday, May 18 in Doral, Florida.

“It’s a pathetic attack on the part of those who should think better before accusing me,” said Ros-Lehtinen.

Former US President Barack Obama overturned the “dry feet / wet feet” policy in January, shortly before leaving the White House, which since 1995 has given immigration benefits to those Cubans who have landed in the United States.

Those detained at sea were deported.

Cubans are now treated just like any other foreigner who arrives at the US border. If they do not have a visa they are rejected and if they apply for political asylum, the petition follows the regulatory procedure.

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