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22 suspected gunmen captured in western Mexico

A total of 22 suspected gunmen were detained today in the western Mexican state of Michoacan, where disturbances occurred on two highways, the state prosecutor confirmed.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that the detainees were caught in the possession of 18 rifles in an area between the municipalities of New Italy and Gabriel Zamora, reason why ministerial police faced them to shots to submit them.

A source from the Government of Michoacán confirmed that among them is a man who is nicknamed “La Sema”, alleged lieutenant of the drug trafficker Ignacio Andrade Rentería or Ignacio Rentería Andrade, “The Cenizo”.

After the capture, armed groups took forcibly three trucks and blocked the highway Siglo XXI that unites the region of hot land with the coast of the Pacific and the state highway between the municipalities of Uruapan and Gabriel Zamora; One of the vehicles was burned.

Soldiers from the 43th Military Zone, based in that region, were deployed to remove the two blocks, supported by firefighters from different villages that managed to quell the fire of the vehicle.

In Michoacán the cartels of the Knights Templar, the Nueva Familia Michoacana, Los Viagras and Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) operate, among others, which fight for blood and fire control of drug production and trafficking.

“El Cenizo”, one of the most wanted drug traffickers, has been identified as a member of the Knights Templar cartel, which seeks to displace that criminal organization.

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