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Hollywood Urges Congress to Halt Trump Arts Cuts

Different groups and organizations from Hollywood and the entertainment world urged today in a joint letter to Congress that they face President Donald Trump and reject cuttings in the art programs set out in his budget plan for 2018.

Deadline today unveiled the content of this text, signed by the US Film Association (MPAA), the Association of Record Industries (RIAA) and the Hollywood trade unions of directors (DGA), actors (SAG) And screenwriters (WGA).

Trump’s 2018 budget proposal proposes to abolish federal funding for the National Programs for Arts and Humanities (NEA and NEH), which would be a blow to cultural organizations in the US; As well as the elimination of funds for the Public Media Corporation (CPB), which includes both public radio (NPR) and public television (PBS).

The signatories of the letter expressed support for these programs and urged Congress “as a minimum” to maintain by 2018 the current funding for these purposes (148 million for NEA, 148 million for NEH and 445 million for CPB).

“As members of the entertainment industry, we see firsthand how the US economy benefits from artistic and cultural programs,” said the signatories, noting the more than $ 700 billion a year (4.2 percent of gross domestic product ) And more than four million jobs contributed by these industries to the US economy.

In this regard, they said that artistic and cultural programs play “a vital role” in protecting the world of entertainment from continuing to be an economic engine and ensuring that all Americans have access to artistic, creative and educational content.

“The programs and actions of NEA, NEH and CPB fund programs and actions that serve as crucial career development opportunities for people who want to work in our industry, especially for Americans who do not live near major cultural centers like Los Angeles Or New York, “they said.

Finally, they assured that the funds of these three agencies account for less than 0.02% of the federal budget, a small amount, in their opinion, if you take into account the social and economic benefits of their work.

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