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Dalí Museum of Florida dedicates an exhibition to the Spanish sculptor Chillida

The Salvador Dalí Museum in Saint Petersburg, on the west coast of Florida, will inaugurate an exhibition dedicated to the Spanish sculptor Eduardo Chillida this Saturday that gathers more than 60 works in different materials.

“Memory, Mind, Matter: The Sculpture of Eduardo Chillida” is the first sculpture exhibition that takes place in the new headquarters of this museum, which houses a collection of 96 oils, more than 100 watercolors and drawings and 1,300 photos, sculptures and Objects signed by Dalí, treasured by a marriage of businessmen and philanthropists.

According to information from the museum, which boasts that its collection of works of Dalí is the largest outside Europe, the exhibition consists of 16 sculptures by Chillida (1924-2002), a large mural, in addition to numerous drawings And “gravitations” as the Basque artist called his “collages” on paper.

This exhibition aims to explore Chillida’s interest in human beings’ relationship with space and organic forms, and their way of achieving a balance between mass and lightness, according to a statement from the Salvador Dalí Museum in Saint Petersburg.

The materials used in the exhibited works are paper, alabaster, steel and stone.

“This is a rare opportunity to see works by an artist known for its large sculptural monuments without having to travel the globe. Here visitors will have access to a range of Chillida sculptures along with drawings, collages and books by the artist “Said curator of Special Exhibitions at the Dalí Museum, William Jeffett.

Eduardo Chillida became known internationally for his large abstract sculptures.

Among other awards he received the Carnegie Prize (1965), the Rembrandt, the Gold Medal for Merit of the Fine Arts of Spain, the Europäischer der Künste Prize, honorary member of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Grand Prix des Arts et Letres Of Paris, Prize Prince of Asturias of the Arts and Prize Imperial Japanese.

In the last part of his life, Chillida himself constituted the Chillida-Leku museum in a small village (Basque country house) surrounded by a large garden space, near San Sebastián, his hometown.

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