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Cavaliers reach the finals; Wizards and Rockets tie their series

The Cleveland Cavaliers, with an unstoppable LeBron James, remained unbeaten in the playoffs by beating the Raptors (102-109) in the fourth game and reaching the finals for the third consecutive season.

Washington’s Wizards were once again better than the Boston Celtics they won in the fourth game and tied (2-2) the series to the best of seven.

The Houston Rockets did the same thing that again imposed their winning inspiration to win the Spurs of San Antonio, who could not control the outdoor game of their neighbors.

The Cavaliers will return to defend the title of champions of the Eastern Conference after reaching the finals without having known the defeat. James scored 35 points and Kyrie Irving’s base came in at 27.

The Cavaliers star, who also had nine rebounds and six assists, secured his seventh consecutive pass to the Eastern Conference finals and confirmed that he is back in his best moment of play.

Guard escorts Kyle Korver scored 18 points as a reserve and helped the Cavaliers become the first team to win eight straight games in the finals the year after winning a title, and the franchise that wins in eight consecutive playoffs.

The Cavaliers disposed of the Raptors approximately one hour before the start of the fourth Celtics-Wizards duel in Washington. The winner of the same will be his rival in the finals.

The Congolese Hispanic power forward with 23 points and 22-point guard DeMar DeRozan were the Raptors’ two best players, who finished the regular season with 50 wins for the first time in their history and reached the playoffs by Fourth consecutive year.

Guard Bradley Beal led the attack with 29 points and the Wizards rolled in the third quarter to clinch a Celtics victory in the fourth game of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Base John Wall had a double-double of 27 points and 12 assists for the Wizards, including seven goals, three touchdowns and two rebounds during the decisive third-quarter streak in which the Celtics suffered eight losses. ball.

Forward Otto Porter contributed 18 points, including four in the decisive third quarter.
Isaiah Thomas scored 19 points as the Celtics’ leader, but 17 of them were in the first 15 minutes without being a winning factor.

The tie now moves to Boston, where in the TD Garden, Celtics field, will play the fifth game of the series.

Forward James Harden was once again the complete player who led the Rockets to a 125-104 victory over the Spurs in Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals.

The victory allowed the Rockets to tie the series to the best of seven and secured the return to their field for the sixth game.

Harden made the Rockets’ game alive again and with a double-double of 28 points, including four triples, 12 assists and five rebounds, he headed the Houston team’s attack that always kept pace with Game and marker.

Next to Harden, who played for 35 minutes, guard Erick Gordon also emerged as the winning factor and sixth man with 22 points, including six triples of nine.
Meanwhile, four other Rockets players also had double-digit numbers, including forward Trevor Ariza of the Dominican Republic who reached 16 points.

The Spurs found no response to the Rockets’ three-pointers who scored 19 of 43 attempts, 7 of 23 for the San Antonio team.

The Rockets had better control of the ball losing nine times by 14 of the Spurs, who also saw as their star player, forward Kawhi Leonard, this time did not have the best inspiration and finished 16 points, the same as had the power forward LaMarcus Aldridge, the two key players in the third game win.

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