Miami-Dade County has spent 25 million since 2016 in fighting against zika

Since June 2016, Miami-Dade County has earmarked $ 25 million to combat the zika virus and the bill will increase to 30 million by hiring an entomologist and additional costs, local media reported.

The county commission approved on Tuesday the implementation of additional zika measures that raise costs to about 30 million dollars, when the state is about to enter the warmer months.

The good news is that to date, none of the approximately 90,000 mosquitoes trapped in special traps and tested so far this year in Florida have tested positive for zika virus.
The request of the Miami-Dade County Commission includes the provision of five million dollars in insecticides and about 150,000 devices for the elimination of mosquito larvae at water drainage points, collected CBS Miami channel.

County officials have conducted some 51,000 inspections, following the confirmation of zika cases, he added.

In July 2016, the first case of zika not related to travel abroad in the United States was identified in a neighborhood of Miami and then there were 200 other cases.

Florida authorities are preparing for the rainy season in the coming months, which is when the Aedes egypti make their appearance and coincide with summer in the northern hemisphere.

Zika, native to Africa and present in most Latin American countries, is transmitted by mosquito bites, from person to person through sexual intercourse and also from a pregnant woman to the fetus of the expecting child, which can be born with Microcephaly and other malformations and health disorders.


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