Mexico became the fourth largest beer producer in 2016

Mexico became the fourth largest producer of beer, above Germany, reaching a production of 105 million hectoliters in 2016, Cerveceros de México reported today.

“This means a growth of 8% compared to 2015. This level of production would reach every person on the planet to drink four bottles of 355 milliliters beer,” the chamber of brewers said in a statement.

In 2016, the export of beer was 32 million hectoliters, “a growth of 13% compared to 2015,” added the institution.

The United States is 80% of the export, although there were also significant sales to the United Kingdom and China, countries that occupy the third and sixth place in Mexican beer imports, which registered a growth of 55% in 2016.

“The trade balance of the Mexican beer sector in 2016 reached a surplus of US $ 2,615 million, which implies 20% of the country’s agro-industrial exports,” the text said.
Also, sales in the domestic market were 77 million hectoliters, which shows an annual growth of 8%.

Per capita consumption was 63 liters, ranking below the main consuming countries: Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, consuming more than 100 liters per person.

“Producing 105 million hectoliters is a result of the confidence and talent that exists in the brewing industry. Being just below countries like China, the United States and Brazil, countries with a high population density, indicates that we are in the Way to become the brewing country of the 21st century, “said the general director of Cerveceros de México, Maribel Quiroga.

The brewing industry in Mexico generates 55,000 direct jobs, each of which generates at least five indirect jobs, from farmers to producers and distributors, the chamber said.

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