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Survey shows less interest of US tourists in Cuba

The interest of US tourists in Cuba is declining and 76%, compared to 70% last year, considers it unlikely that it will plan a trip to that country, according to a survey released today.

The survey was made by the insurance company Allianz Global Assistance from the responses of 1,541 people to a questionnaire sent online from 11 to 13 April.

A year after the US government alleviated restrictions on travel to Cuba, in the heat of the relationship normalization process, researchers at Allianz Global Assistance found that while 34% believed that the island had improved as a result , Has lost some of the interest of Americans as a tourist destination.

“Our study found that only 2% of Americans plan to travel to Cuba in the next six months, another 2% believe it will do so by the end of 2017 and 10% say it will go sometime in 2018,” said Daniel Durazo , Director of Communication for Allianz Global Assistance for the United States, said in a statement.

The company did the same survey in 2016 and in comparison with the one of 2017 feels a smaller interest by Cuba like tourist destination, in addition to a change in the main preoccupations of the American tourists with respect to that country.

When asked about its main concerns regarding Cuba, 38% (six points less than in 2016) mentioned security and 12% (three points less), the fear of a communist government.

On the contrary, there was a fourfold increase in the lack of information on the experiences of other tourists in Cuba (22%) and a point and two points, respectively, concerning tourism infrastructure (13%) and Internet connectivity And mobile phones (9%).

The lack of adequate health institutions worries 6% of the respondents, which has not changed since 2016.

40% of respondents this year expressed a general interest in traveling to Cuba, which means two percentage points less than in 2016, and 60%, or two more points, said they were not interested.

The resorts and beaches of Cuba are for 32% of the respondents what interests them most and what counts the most when deciding a trip to Cuba.

Behind it are the cultural attractions (23%), food and rum (13%), people from Cuba (9%), cars from the 50s (9%), cigars The friends (7%).

Food and rum are up (two points more than in 2016), cigars (two more points) and family and friends (two more points), while interest in beaches (one point less) dropped, The people (three points less) and culture (one point less).

Interest in classic cars remains at the same level.

As for the negative changes that may have had for Cuba the fact that it has been opened for American tourists, 52% say that there have been none.

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