Pro-life organizations are protesting against abortion in Zihuatanejo boat

By Francisca Meza Carranza |

Zihuatanejo (Mexico)-organizations pro-life today protested against abortion and the visit of the ship of the Dutch organization Women on Waves in the port of Zihuatanejo, in the southern Mexican State of Guerrero.

After local press reported that the ship offers abortions to Mexican women up to nine weeks pregnant groups demonstrated against the visit and spent an hour in prayer in the Church of the Lady of Guadalupe of Zihuatanejo.

“We pray for the current situations that promote abortion, God promotes life, he gives it and is the only one who takes it; “we ask for the conversion to those engaged in making or promoting a culture of abortion which is a culture of death”, said one of the speakers.

The protesters marched through the streets of the main square of Zihuatanejo to the port, with banners and messages in favor of life and rejection of abortion and the presence of the “ship of death”, as she was called.

Lizeth, one of the main promoters of this mobilization, told Efe that the people as a whole is not in accordance with the presence of Women on Waves in this tourist destination by which demanded his expulsion.

“We don’t agree, the village is not agreed. Most of the people who are here are people who represent a community, a place, and we are in favor of life. “I know that they applied for the permits but had asked the people if they really want to do that, that’s murder is why we are here”, said.

They prayed in the place with their rosaries in their hands and subsequently withdrew due to the main stadium, where they said a small and repetitive speech and withdrew.

The representative of the Mexican organization information group of reproduction (turn) Regina Tamez, confirmed on his arrival in Mexico, last Thursday, the boat could practice two procedures of interruption of pregnancy in international waters.

However, on Friday could not sail due to the fact that maritime authorities closed the navigation by high waves in the area.

That same day the port authority and the National Institute of migration came to the boat to check if it had the necessary permits to remain in national waters.

According to schedule, the Women on Waves would remain in Mexico until Sunday although not they discard some more days to attend to people who request it.


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