The City of Orlando Wants to Redesign the City’s Flag with the Help of the Community

ORLANDO, FL – Do you know what is on the City of Orlando’s flag?  Close your eyes and try to imagine it.  Having trouble?  You’re not alone.

This is one of the reasons the City of Orlando is launching a public design competition to engage the community in creating a new flag together.

Just like national flags bring entire countries together, City flags are a source of civic pride that help to unify residents and make people feel more connected to their city.

Starting today through Wednesday, March 22, 2017, anyone can create and submit their idea for a new design of the City of Orlando flag.

The City’s current flag, adopted by the Orlando City Council on June 2, 1980, was originally created through a design competition sponsored by the Orlando Kiwanis Club and the Council of Arts and Sciences. Some of the features of the current flag include five different colors, wording and five different unidentifiable buildings.

For the new flag, the City is seeking a design that follows the five principles of good flag design as outlined by the North American Vexillological Association, an organization devoted to the scientific and scholarly study of flags. These principles include:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Use meaningful symbolism.
  3. Use two to three basic colors.
  4. No lettering or seals.
  5. Be distinctive or be related.

From the submissions received, ten designs will be selected as finalists by members of a Flag Design Committee, comprised of neighborhood leaders, members of the arts and design community, history enthusiasts and a flag design expert.

Those 10 designs will be voted on by the public, through the City’s website and at City Hall. Those results will go to the Flag Design Committee, who will ultimately determine the proposed flag design based on ranking to present to the Orlando City Council for a final vote and selection.

A complete listing of submission guidelines can be found on the City of Orlando’s website at


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