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Microsoft Research says battle against cancer will be won by 2026

Microsoft has just announced one of the most important advances in the fight against cancer. The company, which collaborates with the University of Cambridge, says that by 2026, the battle against cancer will be solved with cloud technology and data analytics.

Thus, according to researcher at Microsoft Research, Jasmin Fisher, the development of cloud computing over the next decade will expand health research capabilities that will “understand, detect, diagnose and treat patients Individually.  On the other hand, she adds that, in these advances, the executable biology that Fisher defines as “the design and analysis of executable computer algorithms that describe the biological phenomenon, in particular cancer”, will play a key role.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that, if there is no intervention at all, 84 million people will be annihilated by cancer in a year. WHO supports the International Union Against Cancer and promotes economic means to alleviate the burden of this terrible disease, the prevention of cancer and the increase of the quality of life of the mourners. Cancer is a process of uncontrolled growth and spread of cells. It can appear anywhere in the human body. The tumor usually breaks into the surrounding tissue and can cause metastases at various points in the body. Many types of cancer could be prevented by avoiding exposure to risk factors.

The carcinomas that cause the greatest number of deaths are those of the lung, stomach, liver, colon and breast. About 30% of cancer deaths are due to five risk factors: high body mass, reduced intake of fruits and vegetables, lack of physical activity and consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Over 70% of cancer victims were registered in low- and middle-income countries. The number of deaths per year for cancer worldwide is projected to continue rising to 11 million by 2030.  Aging is another determining factor in the onset of cancer. The incidence of this disease increases dramatically with age because risk factors for certain types of cancer accumulate.

Clemente Ferrer
Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

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