Another Positive Report Card For Porsche’s Base Macan

From all fronts, Porsche’s new Macan is getting top marks among the small luxury SUV segment. Every review of the new 2 liter turbocharged four cylinder powered base iteration has thus far been pretty positive, with most of them remarking something in the realm of “surprising”.

The Macan, based on Volkswagen’s MQB platform, is quite a good performer, and has been selling quite well since its introduction. With the new sportier GTS model to bookend the Macan lineup with this new base model car, Porsche has all of their ducks in a row with this car. It doesn’t hurt that this new 2.0T Macan is the least expensive way to purchase a brand new Porsche, potentially drawing in new customers to the marque.

In the video below, the reviewer goes over the standard features. We’re a little disappointed with standard halogen lights, making xenons optional, but otherwise see the four-cylinder Macan as a cash cow for Porsche dealers. Everyday Reviews’ driver here, also laments the fact that keyless start is not standard on his tester vehicle, and instead is included in a quite expensive option package.

Additionally, he makes note of the Macan’s sporty feel, and small-ish footprint, making it easier to drive in the city or on narrower roads. It becomes quite clear early on that this reviewer is conducting this video specifically for the Canadian market, and prices are listed in CAD. Comparatively, for the US market a base Macan will cost buyers just $47,500 with no options added versus the quoted $52,000 price in Canada.

Bradley Brownell

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