Report: Players not happy with Marshall’s halftime speech against Patriots

During last week’s loss to the Patriots, wide receiver Brandon Marshall gave an impassioned speech to his team at halftime, which upset some players, according to ESPN New York’s Rich Cimini.

According to Cimini, with the Jets being shut out at the half, Marshall tried to get the team fired up, but some players did not agree with the method he chose to do so.

“When we’re getting blown out at halftime, there’s no reason to be fighting amongst each other,” Calvin Pryor said, according to Cimini. “I think that’s why guys were upset, because we needed to be fighting against the Patriots instead of the Jets.”

Marshall, who made just two catches during the 41-3 loss in New England, said he was looking to motivate the team, though some did not appreciate his comments.

After the game, defensive end Sheldon Richardson said Marshall should be “embarrassed,” though he did not elabortate his comments further.

“We were getting our butts kicked and I was trying to get guys to respond, but not everyone responds to certain things the same way,” Marshall said.

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