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Macron’s party considers it “evident” that Mélenchon “cannot govern France”

The leader of Renacimiento highlights that “tens of millions” of French people have said “massively no to the extreme right”

The general secretary of the Renaissance party, Stéphane Séjourné, considered this Sunday after the publication of the first projections of the second round of the legislative elections that it is “evident” that the New Popular Front, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, “cannot govern France”, arguing that no coalition has a majority in the National Assembly.

The acting Foreign Minister has also highlighted the result – still unconfirmed – of his party, which would have come in second place despite the fact that in the first round it was behind the far-right National Group and the Popular Front. “Contrary to what some predicted, the moderate Republican central bloc is still there, standing,” he celebrated.

Likewise, he has had words of gratitude for the parliamentary candidates who have lost their seats or who “have withdrawn in the name of republican values.” “Today, our political family has been able to mobilize millions of French people around a republican, progressive, European and humanist project. Today Together for the Republic has participated in the clear victory of the Democrats. Tens of millions of French people have consciously said, sovereignly and massively not to the extreme right,” he applauded.

However, he has indicated that “the moment is too serious not to live up to” his “collective responsibility”, to “respond to the daily problems of the French”, which include purchasing power, security, employment or ecology. “We will continue defending our values,” he said to his supporters.

However, he has emphasized that his formation will be “intransigent” in defending republican values, against racism and anti-Semitism. In turn, he has expressed continued support for Ukraine against Russia.

The projections place the New Popular Front as the formation with the most deputies (180-215), followed by Macron’s Together for the Republic (150-180 deputies) and the National Rally (120-150 deputies). The National Assembly has 577 seats, so the absolute majority is 289.

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