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A YouTube Studio function allows you to mute a song that infringes copyright without affecting the rest of the sounds

YouTube Studio has announced a new tool that will allow content creators to delete a song that infringes copyright without having to delete or mute the rest of the sounds (dialogues, effects) in case they receive a claim from Content ID .

Content ID is an automatic YouTube content identification system that uses a database of audio and video files submitted by copyright holders to identify matches with copyrighted content. This means that when you upload a video to YouTube, Content ID analyzes it automatically.

If this system detects a content match, the video receives a Content ID claim, which can trigger blocking of the video from viewing or a pause in monetizing the video with ads, as well as tracking. video audience statistics.

When a video on the Google platform receives a complaint for including unauthorized ‘copyright’ content, the creator can edit their video without having to upload a new one, as YouTube explains on its Help web page.

To do this, Google offers different tools, so that it can cut only the claimed segment of the video, replace the song with another royalty-free one from the YouTube Audio Library or mute it (either just the song or all the audio of the video). video). All these actions must be carried out from the YouTube Studio platform.

YouTube has updated its editing section with a new function so that, in the event of receiving a claim for infringing ‘copyright’ content, that song can be deleted “leaving the rest of the audio intact”, as explained through X (previously Twitter) YouTube CEO Neal Mohan.

The company has shared a video explaining how the feature works (‘Delete song’), which some users have already been able to test through a beta version. However, YouTube has pointed out that, in its beginnings, the tool’s performance “was not as accurate” as they would have liked.

Now, the company has implemented “major improvements in the function” and has introduced a new algorithm powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), with which it allows you to detect and remove copyrighted content more accurately, without manipulating the rest. of the audio.

This new feature will be displayed when reviewing the details of the claim issued by Content ID in the ‘Copyright Summary’ section of the video. Thus, it will be enough to choose the ‘Delete Song’ option, so that the song that is violating them is deleted, thus maintaining the rest of the sound elements of the video.

However, YouTube also warns on its support page that editing “may not work if the song is difficult to remove.” In that case, content creators can opt for the rest of the editing options that YouTube Studio already offers. That is, mute all the sound in the claimed segments or directly cut out said parts of the video.

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