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Biden reiterates that he is not going “anywhere” while prominent patrons withdraw their support

The co-founder of Netflix and the Disney heiress ask him to abandon his plans for re-election and opt for a retirement with dignity

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, insisted this Thursday that he has not the slightest intention of withdrawing his candidacy for re-election despite the fact that in recent hours prominent patrons of the party, whose financial contributions are key to the development of the campaign, have withdrawn their support for the president because they consider that he is no longer qualified to hold the position due to his advanced age.

Biden conveyed his intention again this past Thursday night to US soldiers and their families during the commemoration of US Independence Day at the White House.

“I’m not going anywhere,” insisted Biden, who in recent hours has also dedicated interviews to local media in which he acknowledged that what happened last week in his first confrontation against his Republican rival, Donald Trump, was a ” bad debate” but that “90 minutes in front of the cameras cannot erase three and a half years of presidency”, a message that he repeated before the stations WAUK, in Wisconsin, and WURD, in Pennsylvania.

This happens at a time when traditional patrons of the Democratic Party, such as the co-founder of the audiovisual platform Netflix, Reed Hastings, who yesterday published in ‘The Economist’ a column titled “Why Biden should retire”, in which he described as ” an agony” to see in front of the cameras “a confused old man who had difficulty remembering both facts and words.”

Abigail Disney, granddaughter of Roy Disney, co-founder of The Walt Disney Co., also announced this past Thursday to CNBC that she plans to withhold donations to the party that she has funded for years until Biden retires.

“I intend to stop any contributions to the party unless and until they replace Biden at the top of the ticket. This is realism, not disrespect. Biden is a good man and has served his country admirably, but there is a lot at stake,” Disney said.

“If Biden does not resign, the Democrats are going to lose. I am absolutely sure of that, and the consequences of this defeat are going to be disastrous,” she warned. Disney has opted for the vice president, Kamala Harris, as an unequivocal replacement. “If the Democrats find a way to abandon their brawls, I am convinced that we can win these elections by a long shot,” she added.

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