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Kamala Harris rules out changes in the Democratic candidacy: “Biden is our nominee”

The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, has ruled out changes in the Democratic Party’s candidacy for the November elections, in which she repeats as ‘number two’, despite the bad debate carried out by President Joe Biden, which on Tuesday she blamed his failures due to fatigue after his recent trips abroad.

“Joe Biden is our nominee,” Harris emphasized in an interview with CBS News, confident in the Democratic victory in November and “proud” to repeat as Biden’s running mate, just like in 2020. “We beat (Donald) ) Trump once and we’ll do it again, period,” the vice president concluded.

Last week’s televised debate, marked by Biden’s errors and hesitations, has opened a parallel conversation, for now buried, about the convenience of reintroducing the current president, who is already 81 years old. Anonymous Democratic sources have raised with various media the possibility of looking for a new candidate, for which Biden must first resign, since he has already won a primary process.

A hypothetical withdrawal would not imply that Harris would automatically assume the reins of the candidacy and the vice president avoids any allusion to a possible Presidency. Thus, when asked if she sees herself prepared to sit in the Oval Office, she responded: “I am proud to be Joe Biden’s running mate.”

The polls place Trump with a slight advantage over Biden in voting intention, with 49 percent to 43 percent in a poll released by CNN. This study, however, suggests that Harris, who has not been especially popular in recent years, could obtain a better result than Biden, since she is only two points behind the Republican candidate.

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